Your rebels

When you need a developer, we have a broad selection in-house. From experienced junior dev’s to tech leads. The hourly rates of those dev’s vary from €55 up to €125, depending on what you need. We are constantly training our developers so we are always up to date with the latest technologies. This way we can help you in the best and most efficient way throughout the assignment.


You face complex technical challenges. For example, if you want to work towards a new architecture, or you have a specialist question about the speed or accessibility of your website. If you lack the knowledge to solve this within your existing team, we transfer our knowledge by working together on your challenge.


Every day there are new technologies and possibilities within development. A day job to keep track of everything. Fortunately, it's our core business. Our team regularly exchanges knowledge during code classes, via Teams (our internal chat) or at the office. Do you want to get started with a new technology, but don't have the knowledge yet? Then we'll get to work with your team during a training session.
Got Ideas?Plan an online meeting with one of our Rebels.