Your project

We believe in unique solutions for every project. This gives us the freedom to choose techniques that best fit the wishes and requirements of your project. By applying the latest tools and technologies we are never stuck on a specific technique. This way we always choose the best solution together.

1. Introduction

In this phase we get to know each other. We discuss the project globally. What are your wishes and what are the requirements? What can we do for you?

2. Establish project

While setting up the project, we dive into the details by discussing your wishes and requirements in depth. We start by breaking down as many features as possible into smaller segments, so that we can prepare a detailed and accurate plan. In this phase, we clearly discuss what we are going to do and when we can deliver.

3. Budgeting

Once we have mapped everything out and linked it to time, we build it into the budget. We will discuss this together.

4. Planning & Deadlines

We are almost ready to get started. We have roughly mapped everything out. From the budget to the features we are going to build. Now it’s time to go over the plan and deadlines. When does it need to be delivered? What is the urgency? We are going to tailor the plan to meet your expectations. You will be closely involved. We will set the deadlines together. The plan is now established.

5. Initial project

We kick-off with the project. The team is set-up and ready to start. Engineers... start... your... computers!!!

6. Weekly sprints

Depending on the size of the project, we will schedule sprints within the team. Of course, you are invited to attend these sprints. Within our team, we create the space for you to be aware of where we stand.

7. Delivery

Signed, sealed & delivered. As soon as we are ready, we will hand over the project. The handover is done as carefully and with as much detailed as possible, so that you are aware of the do's and don’ts, without any need to worry. 

8. Maintenance

Maintenance is a very important step in the process. We also offer a maintenance contract after completion of the project. This way we can always offer assistance, the moment it is needed.
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