At Rebels, we use many technologies to realize your wishes. First, we take the time to understand the core of your business before we start choosing the best technology stack for your product.

Today, the number of available web technologies and frameworks is overwhelming, and there are new developments and innovations every single day. This might be a daunting task for you or your company when choosing the correct approach. At Rebels, we know that each technology has its pros and cons that are different for each individual project, business, or user. Therefore, understanding your wishes and needs form the base of our collaboration.
Our Rebels team consists of engineers with either a business or technical background. Having both backgrounds in the engineering team is vital to us, as both bring different competencies that mutually reinforce each other.
We use several forms of technology to support our Rebels in their tasks and to ensure that we continue to stay ahead of the competition. We work transparently and are not afraid to share our knowledge and skills with others. Therefore, we continue to update our websites with the latest technologies and developments, not only to show you that we are at the head of the revolution but also to help unleash the inner Rebel in you. Want to know more about the technologies we use and how we can help you join the movement? Feel free to talk to our IT experts and reach out.

Extended Reality (XR)

We have mastered all realities and can help you realize a futuristic experience. Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality applications allow rich data to be easily accessible, creating unlimited opportunities. Become a pioneer in an ever-increasing competitive market by collaborating with our experts.

Azure Cloud

Azure cloud, also known as Microsoft Azure, is a cloud computing service that allows our Rebels to build, test, deploy, and manage your applications. We like to work with a cloud service that allows for out-of-the-box solutions so we can make the impossible possible.

DevOps Mindset

We believe that DevOps is a pure mindset that begins and ends with your story. It should touch every aspect of the entire process right down to the code to achieve absolute quality in rapid time. We help you become DevOps and join the Rebels movement.


Because of the combined experience of our Rebels developers in .NET and by continuing to stay on top of the latest technologies, we realized that being .NET specialists and keeping you within the Microsoft ecosystem is the best way to provide you with kickass solutions.


We help you realize your own revolution on the web with JavaScript frameworks (React, Vue and Angular), HTML and CSS, and different application of those frameworks such as a Server-Side Rendered application (SSR), a Statically Build Application (SSG), or a Client-Side Rendered web app (CSR). 


We want to broaden your horizon, shift your reality, and Unity allows us to do this in the Rebel-way. Unity’s real-time 3D development platform allows our designers and developers to combine their expertise and allow them to create amazing immersive and interactive experiences.

What we