Rebels Remote

As Rebels continues to grow, we are in the process of emerging into different markets. We have decided to expand into Ukraine, as our first new location.

Who are we?

The evolution of this expansion stemmed from ensuring we can provide our customers with digital products at a competitive rate, sharing our advanced technical knowledge, and standing by our statement of making technology readily available to anyone, anywhere.
In 2021, Rebels Remote is a new name in the world of development. Michiel de Graaf, CEO of Rebels, and Matt Hamers, Lead Software Engineer at Rebels, are the founders of Rebels Remote. Matt is a Dutch Software Engineer who has experience working in Ukraine, where some of the world's top talent lives. As a result, Rebels Remote has evolved.
Our long-term goals for Rebels Remote include expanding into different countries around the world. We are here to realize revolutions and bring your digital ideas to life worldwide. Ukraine is just the beginning.
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What we