Recruitment these days is as competitive and innovative as any other industry. Therefore, recruitment companies rely more and more on the latest technologies to stand out from their competition.

At Vaqancies, they try to do everything they can to make it as transparent as possible for companies and candidates, as their mission is to guarantee an extraordinary employee experience. Rebels helped to add to this experience by building a complete Applicant Tracking System at the back of their website. The entire system was developed based on feedback from clients and candidates, which ensured that Rebels was able to keep Vaqancies mission in mind.
One of Vaqancies’ key selling points is the VR solutions we have provided for them. This way, candidates can experience the workplace of their potential employer before they have actually taken a physical step in the office. Through interactive content, a company video, a 360 environment of your office and a personalized working-at page, Vaqancies ensures that potential candidates get a clear picture of your organization and the atmosphere in the workplace. With the help of your unique login environment, you can easily manage your talent pool and view, invite, and reject applicants. At Rebels, we understood Vaqancies’ mission and ensured that we applied the right technologies to realize their dreams.
Matt Hamers
Technical Director
Tijmen Helder
Software Engineer
Laurent Kleering van Beerenbergh
Software Engineer
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