SwheelS, like Rebels, are pioneers in the field of innovative technology. A collaboration with Rebels was only logical. Rebels developed the Augmented Reality footage for the SwheelS e-scooters, which allows their customers to experience the e-scooter at any moment. 

SwheelS are equipped with the latest technology in every area. The e-scooter has been enriched with satellite-controlled software. Software that makes it possible to switch your electric scooter on and off with a click on your smartphone, open and lock it, and easily change your battery. Through augmented reality, Rebels and SwheelS provide the ultimate experience for customers who want to see how the scooter is at home. A 3D model has been transformed into a fully rotatable model, which can be placed with the mobile phone at any location imaginable and in full size. By using new techniques, we make it possible to transform a design into cutting-edge augmented reality solutions. Want to know how we can help you realize your own products, in any reality? Our Rebels are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Pull out your phone. Scan your surroundings. Place the Swheels E-scooter and walk around it. To make the electric scooter even more tangible to the public, Swheels has chosen to offer consumers the option of placing the scooter in full size at any desired location by means of Augmented Reality. With this, Swheels goes a step further than the normal static photos. This option gives you a realistic picture of the consumer.
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SwheelS is a startup created by young entrepreneurs. We supply the world with the newest and hottest electric Smart-Wheels! ''Our goal is to rock your world by introducing you to simple, sleek, Electric Smart-Wheels. We believe in the creation of innovative solutions while working with the best designers and engineers to make quality an absolute norm in your life.''
Gijs Verheijen
Lead Software Engineer
Want to know more about Extended Reality? Get in touch to know what the possibilities are.