Rice Rush

For one of the most influential YouTubers in the Netherlands, Hanwe, with over a million followers across all channels, Rebels developed a hyper-casual mobile game. Hanwe made his character come to life in his very own mobile game, Rice Rush. You can download it in the App Store and Google Play Store now. 

Rice Rush is a 3D mobile endless runner game, created by our 3D artist and Unity developers. The different characters within Rice Rush were designed and modeled in Zbrush, Blender. Once they were animated in Blender, everything was exported into Unity, where the 3D characters were combined with the game environment. The landscape of the game was designed in Unity, and the elements such as lotus trees, lanterns, and torri’s were combined in a prefab. Once the characters, elements, and landscape were ready, our skilled Unity developers started coding and turned Hanwe’s ideas into a reality.
Bringing a concept to life in a game is one thing, but make it go viral is another one. Hanwe made sure his game was storming the charts from day one. Actually, after a few hours his game rose to number one in the ''Free Games'' charts and generated thousands of downloads. Which is quite the achievement.
Gijs Verheijen
Lead Software Engineer
Lise Custers
2D/3D Artist
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