For Rampage, we choose to go headless because we believe that every company aiming to set up a successful e-commerce business should have complete freedom to build the best e-commerce experience for their end consumer.

Our clients should not be limited by flexibility, scalability, or customer touchpoints. A headless approach provides unmatched flexibility and is very easy to scale and integrate with other services.

There are multiple moving parts when it comes to creating a headless webshop, and it is based on combining the best-of-breed solutions which are independent of one another but integrate seamlessly.
To enable an enhanced customer experience and unlock agility, we went with ShopifyPLUS, Prismic, SendCloud, Mollie, and SendinBlue for the custom headless webshop: Rebels Rampage.
The way we built the webshop(headless) allows for complete customization, multiple touch-points, seamless future integrations, and scalability.
When a brand like Rampage collaborates with a big-name influencer and promotes a product with them, they are likely to experience a large amount of traffic on their website suddenly. A headless approach ensures the site has the power to support multiple users at once without crashing.
What we did:
    Front-end development
    Back-end development
    UX & UI design
    Visual Design
Tech stack we used:
    NextJS + Typescript
    ReactJS + GraphQL
    Styled system and styled components
    Azure Function App + .NET
The Rampage webshop is powered by headless backend systems, listed below:
    Prismic (Headless CMS system)
    ShopifyPLUS (Headless e-commerce system)
    SendCloud (Shipping & Fulfilment)
    Mollie (Payment Service Provider)
    SendinBlue (Marketing Automation)
    Glow Loyalty (Loyalty points & rewards)
    LeadDyno (Affiliate program & analytics)
About Rampage:
Rampage has one main goal: to make a name in the gaming industry with their delicious energy and focus boosters for gamers, streamers, and young professionals.
Just like the flavors of their boosters and the bold and influential personalities of their teams and partners, the Rampage brand needed to be equally as bright and loud.
With their unique formula, they offer the best focus and energy drinks, first-class energy supplements, and awesome shaker cups so you can stay on top of your game. Join the Rampage!
Romy Lucassen
Brand Manager
Bryan van Delft
Leroy Steding
Software Engineer
Fabien Diaz
Software Engineer
Matt Hamers
Technical Director
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