LeasePlan is an international company of Dutch origin, specialized in fleet management for lease cars. One of our most complex back-end projects has been the Car Policy Configurator for LeasePlan.

Since their inception in 1963, the company has grown to become the global market leader in fleet management. We have built an application for generating contracts for the customers of LeasePlan by filling in a questionnaire, which the clients can use for their employees. Now, questionnaire and pieces of text associated with the relevant answers can be created by a LeasePlan employee.
We maintain a long-term vision with all of our products we deliver, and LeasePlan is a great example of that. By collecting and utilizing data, this project is making the day-to-day work for LeasePlan employees more efficient. We at Rebels, helped revolutionize the way Leaseplan employees work. Are you ready to join the movement too? Our Rebels are eager to get in touch.
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