European Football Game

Our Unity developers and 3D artists developed a hyper-casual mobile game for a well-known influencer based in Europe. This game was specifically featured around the UEFA European Football Championship.

There was no clear idea for how the game should be set up for the European Championship Football game. To ensure that we would create the best experience for everyone, we started our collaboration with a brainstorming session and created mood boards for the main idea and art style theme. This way, we could ensure that our client's wishes and the game's functionalities would be according to all the best practices.
Our 3D artists were able to bring multiple 3D football player characters, player cards, footballs, coaches, props, buildings, and environments of different European countries to life. At the same time, our Unity developers worked on the implementation of all the systems.
Our 3D Artist, Lise, first set up a basic model in the program Zbrush for the modeling of the players. To get the right shape and look, she built this character based on pictures of real-life players. The colors and textures were added using Substance painter before merging the 3D player model in Blender. Finally, everything was merged into Unity to be placed in the game by our Unity developers.
What we did:
We supported our client in all areas needed to release a mobile game and scheduled five updates for the game over seven weeks, while the European Championships were in full effect. Besides, we made sure that the game is available on both iOS and Android. We also advised how to approach advertisements, offering super coins, and in-app purchases. Offering character customization options, implementing sound effects, and endless gameplay. We made it so players could use points for upgrades and character changes and included a level system with player cards.
Tech stack we used:
    Blender (3D modeling)
    Zbrush (3D modeling, sculpting)
    Substance painter (texturing)
    Unity 3D Game Engine (Development, Art)
    C# in combination with Unity
Overall, the game was a success, and throughout our collaboration, we focused on working with our client as a team. For this client, we enjoyed working in close cooperation and offering our expertise when needed. Do you want to learn more about Unity or the work of our 3D artist? Read our blogs here. Are you curious about our other mobile games?
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Levi Visser
Software Engineer
Lise Custers
2D/3D Artist
Gijs Verheijen
Lead Software Engineer
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