CFR Rinkens

For the international shipping company CFR Rinkens, we developed a custom client portal.

CFR is the premier international car shipping company based in the United States. They provide global door-to-door shipping solutions for any cargo, and are primarily known for their expertise in classic car and new vehicle transportation services.
With over twenty-five years of experience in the shipping industry, CFR needed a user-friendly and convenient way to share all data and relevant information with their clients regarding their shipments. This is where Rebels stepped in. We designed and developed the Go CFR Portal, where CFR clients can create an account to access everything they need related to their shipment(s). The portal was based on CFRs requirements and preferences. Logical and easy to navigate.
Our designers and developers were able to display relative information in a user-friendly way through an API and ensured that users can upload and store attachments and retrieve data from SQL. Kicking the project off with best web practices and a user-centered design.

Within the custom client portal, relevant logistics information shows in different modules. Starting with the dashboard, a customer can navigate to the vehicles list and the inventory list, which displays data from all vehicles tables in the database. From there, a client can jump to the shipment details, tracking, warehouse receipts and invoices. We have also included an email functionality, so that the users can share any details with a desired contact.
Within the portal, CFR admins can also make notes to their colleagues and manage the displays per customer. Within the portal, there is also an information line to connect you directly to your personal contact at CFR. This is only phase one for the CFR client portal, and we will continue to optimize the portal based on client feedback and desired functionality requests.
What we did:
    Custom Portal Development
    Front-end development
    Back-end development
    UX Design
    UI Design
    Integrations (API development)
Tech stack we used:
    JavaScript / TypeScript
Matt Hamers
Technical Director
Yaroslav Draha
Software Engineer
Oleksandr Rokytskyi
Software Engineer
Andrew Gryschuk
Software Engineer
Hanna Kondratovets
Software Engineer
Nicole Hoes
Sales & Operations Manager
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