Why Rebels? 
Rebels is a place where there is a lot of freedom and space to challenge yourself and grow as an individual and professional. The start-up atmosphere, ambitious people, daring enough to reach their potential and pursue their goals. There is enough room for sharing new ideas and having different opinions. Rebels has it all at the core, and so do I. 
What is your role at Rebels?  
I am a Talent Acquisition Specialist and Copywriter. For me, it is the ideal combination for my professional career because I can apply the experience gained in recruitment to find more talented IT professionals for the Rebels team. At the same time, my most significant interest in life and where I see myself growing is writing. So, I am here to create ideas, write and tell the story about our growth. 
How was your onboarding experience?
I call it a once-in-a-lifetime onboarding! I flew from Ukraine to Amsterdam to meet my new team in person. In my first week, I learned a lot about the company, followed some training, and got to know everyone. I was involved in the company plans from the start, which shows a lot about the culture. But most importantly, I felt a lot of support and protection during the hard times in Ukraine. I am delighted to be one of the Rebels and can’t wait to make an impact, share my ideas and grow as an individual.
What is your most memorable moment since you joined Rebels?
My most memorable moment was when we took a trip to the Ukrainian border. When the war started, everyone at Rebels immediately came into action to help our colleagues and all people in Ukraine. Within just a few days and with immense support from everyone, we managed to collect the most necessary items needed, such as medicine, bulletproof vests, warm clothes, and blankets. 
We wanted to deliver everything as soon as possible and drove straight to the Polish-Ukrainian border with a sleepless night, and no stops for rest. The moment we saw our rebels in Ukraine, it was the happiest yet most challenging situation. We were feeling relieved to see and hug everyone, but at the same time, the unspeakable pain of this brutal war happening pained us.
How do you experience Amsterdam?
I enjoy traveling, and even though I have already been to many places, it is my first time in Amsterdam. The city is so dynamic and vivid: with the active people rushing on their bikes each morning and my neighbors always saying hello and smiling. My best parts of Amsterdam are the streets at the canals, and I am really in love with the architecture of the tiny aesthetic buildings. 
I can see where such artists like Van Gogh and Monet got their inspiration to create. But the authentic Amsterdam experience for me was living on a boat for a week and getting my first bike in the traditional orange color. “That is so dutch,” my colleagues and friends said to me. 
Now, I bike to the office every day and have already experienced how challenging the weather can be. After all, I am not only starting a new job but building a new life in a different country with the culture I genuinely enjoy so far. I am excited to see what the future holds in Amsterdam and at Rebels. 
    Author's experience: Ivanna Zhuk, Talent Acquisition Specialist
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