Rebels philosophy

In 2019, Rebels was founded with the mission to make complex IT knowledge available to everyone, everywhere. We want to help solve complex issues, optimize business, and smoothen out production processes by applying the latest tools and technologies.

Who are we?

We have a team of young, skilled and determined IT specialists, developers, Agile experts and designers who work together as a cross-functional team on every project. Where other digital agencies work with siloed teams of data experts, UX and visual designers, front-enders and back-enders, we defy the status quo and do not work in this traditional way. We believe this hinders our effectiveness and negates the advantages of Agile working. By breaking away from tradition, we can share knowledge, continuously adapt, learn, and consequently, revolutionize our work.
Since we do not think solely out of a sales perspective, this means that we are willing to take risks and face almost any challenge head-on, as we know the process is as important as the results. We believe that to achieve greatness, you have to take risks.
No dream is too big, and by staying on top of the newest innovations, we can help you realize whatever you want. We are ready for companies that don't have the expertise in-house, where there is a problem with capacity, or where releases are in danger of not being realized. We are Rebels. We realize revolutions. Join our movement and reach out today.
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